Getting Here


If you should choose to drive down it is 625 miles south of San Diego. We are slow cautious drivers and take about 13 hours of actual driving time. I used to regularly make the drive in one day  but now almost always take two days.  I recommend Jardenes a little south of San Quintin which has a very, very good restaurant and in El Rosario the Baja Cactus motel and then have dinner next door at historic Mama Espinoza's restaurant.  The drive south of San Quintin is quite scenic  through widely varying geography. One of the interesting sights is the Valle de los Cirros (Boojum trees to Dr. Seuss).  I highly recommend a visit to San Ignacio either coming or going.  The town is only a couple of miles off the highway and is located on an oasis with I think the prettiest mission in Baja.  The website has up to date driving conditions for Highway 1.

The specific instructions for finding me once you get to Mulege are:  The town runs along the river and not the highway.  The road to downtown angles off highway 1 to the left.  We call this intersection the Y.  There is a very small triangular plaza there.  Continue south on highway 1 for one mile and you will see a large sign for the Orchard RV park on the left side. (this is the entrance sign, you will see several signs advertising the orchard before you get to this one)  Continue south and take the next left which will be just over .4 miles.  There is a very small sign which says Oasis Rio Baja .2 kilometers.   If you have gps the coordinates are 26 degrees 53.777 minutes north, 111 degrees 58.050 minutes west.  This is a sharp left onto a one lane dirt road that looks like it is the driveway to a pretty run down  house.  There is a larger dirt road that angles off at the same spot that goes to Jungle Jim's restaurant and bar.  You want the sharp left.  It will wind to the left of the dilapidated house and down a small hill and you will come to a stop sign that is the entrance to the Oasis.  Casa de Sarah #21 is in front of you and Casa Linda #20 is on the west side.  The road forks here stay to the right and it will almost immediately make a sharp bend to the left and in about 40 more yards come to a tee.  You will have just passed Casa de las Chuparosas # 28 on your left.  Casa Rio #52 is directly in front of you.Turn right and in about 10 yards you will come to the river.  Turn right, you will be going east along the river.  Take the first right.  I am in #502 the second house on your right.  The B&B #507 is directly across the street from my house..  La Casita #509 is the second house past the B&B.  To reach Casa Buena Vista # 518 instead of taking the first right to my house take the second right off the river road.  Buena Vista is the only two story house on the street.  This sounds much harder than it actually is.   If you arrive after dark it is very difficult to see the Oasis Rio Baja sign, it is not lit so be sure to watch your odometer.  If you should need help almost everybody in Mulege knows where the Oasis is but you must use the Spanish pronunciation oh-ah-sees.  And everybody in the Oasis knows me (ask for me, Cliff, not Clementines) and where #502 is located. (don't worry, you won't need help).  Your shakiest moment will be when you are heading for the dilapidated house, you will probably be saying this couldn't possibly be it but it is.



Alternatively you can fly into Loreto 85 miles to the south on either Alaska Air or Aeromexico . Car rental rates are generally cheaper if you make your reservations in advance but prices vary widely so  shop around.  Many of our guests use Eurocar so you should check their rates.  The directions for arriving from the south are a little different  from the ones above and I will email them to you if you are arriving from the south..  If you have your own plane, there is an airstrip just a few hundred yards from us adjacent to the Serenidad Hotel.

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