Things to see and do

WHALE WATCHING for grey whales is best from mid January through March. There are many ways to do this but our favorite is Kuyima at San Ignacio Lagoon. Visit their website at It is not necessary to book in advance and we do not recommend overnighting with them. There are also large concentrations of grey whales at Scammons Lagoon and Bahia Magdalena but the whales at San Ignacio are noted to be "friendlier".  They come right up to your boat and some actually want you to pet them, another amazing behavior is the mother will lift her calf out of the water right next to your boat so that you can inspect it.  They obviously want to be sociable. A variety of species may be seen off Mulege all year but are not guaranteed like the grey whales.

SEA SHELLS   The beaches around Mulege are famous for the wide variety of shells and serious collectors come from all over.  The local mueseum, which is housed in the old territorial prison, has an extensive display.

BIRD WATCHING  Internationally renowned as one of the foremost birdwatching places on the planet, Baja, and in particular Mulege offers the keen bird watcher an almost unique opportunity to see some of the 455 different species, of which 12 are globally threatened, that inhabit the peninsula.  Rare birds such as the Cook's Petrel, the California Condor and the Belding's Yellow Throat have all been sighted.  Mulege has a range of environments from the fresh water river that flows into the sea, it's banks lined with date palms and mangroves, to the desert that is all around.  A short drive takes you into the hills that seperate the Sea of Cortez from the Pacific Ocean where other varieties of birds make their home.  This range and diversity means that every trip is filled with excitement and the possibility to spot something new.  (Unfortunately I am not a knowledgable bird watcher and this paragraph was written by a birdwatching guest from England.)  Search on google images for pictures of the birds you will see here.

FISHING is great here year around with yellowtail in the winter and dorado and bill fish in the summer and cabrilla and other grouper and bass abundant all year. has current fishing reports. The book, The Baja Catch by Neil Kelly and Gene Kira is recommended reading if you are serious about fishing.  It says "Mulege is the heart of the finest middleweight game fishing in the Sea of Cortez, perhaps in North America."

SNORKLING AND DIVING  is  very good and is very easy. Snorkeling is good right at our lighthouse or my favorite spot is punta Prieta about a mile north of town. This is a protected rocky cove so even if the water has been a little rough visibility is still good here. 

PREHISTORIC CAVE PAINTINGS  San Borjitas and La Trinadad are sites of prehistoric cave paintings. Some at San Borjitas are 7,000 years old, the oldest in the Americas. In addition to the paintings themselves the trip up into the sierra is beautiful and you pass through old ranches which are living history. A book by Harry W. Crosby, The Cave Paintings of Baja California, has excellent descriptions of these sites and others.

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